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Use the SoC Designer plugin feature to create the following kinds of features:

  • GUI-mode plugins to add new main menu and component, or connection-context menu items.


    For components that are dragged and dropped into the SoC Designer Canvas, the component and connection menus only appears after the system is saved and reopened.
  • Batch-mode plugins to add new batch-mode script commands.

For details on how plugins are loaded, see 3.2 Loading a plugin.

For details on how plugins are initialized, see 3.3 The MxPluginInit function.

For details on creating plugins, see:

The plugin initialization code specifies the menu items that must be placed in the tool. If you click a plugin menu item, the call is transferred to the callbacks functions in the plugin code. This provides a way to customize part of the tool behavior.

The following interfaces are available to SoC Designer plugin developers:

MxPluginPlugin creation, insertion of menus, script commands, and basic custom dialog creation.
CASISoC Designer simulation interface.
CADISoC Designer debug interface.
CAPISoC Designer profiling interface.


A plugin example package is included in the examples folder of your SoC Designer installation.
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