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The MxPluginComponent callback classes

The MxPluginComponent classes provide the interface for the component context-menu plugin entries. The callback functions enable SoC Designer to pass the selected component as an argument to the plugin.

MxPluginComponentCallback class

class  MxPluginComponentCallBack {
    virtual bool pluginCallback(CASIModule *) = 0; 
    virtual int checkPluginCallback(eslapi::CASIModule *) { return true;} ;

MxPluginComponentDoubleClick class

class WEXP MxPluginComponentDoubleClick {
    virtual bool pluginDoubleClickCallBack(eslapi::CASIModule *) = 0;

MxPluginComponentUpdate class

class WEXP MxPluginComponentUpdate {
    virtual bool componentChangedCallBack(eslapi::CASIModuleIF *oldComponent,
         eslapi::CASIModuleIF *newComponent) = 0;
    virtual bool componentDeletedCallBack(eslapi::CASIModuleIF *component) = 0;

MxPluginCustomComponentCallback class

class WEXP MxPluginCustomComponentCallBack {
    virtual bool pluginCallback(eslapi::CASIModule *, va_list vaList) = 0; 
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