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Workload compilation options

Configure how Fortran workloads compile.

Compiler workload compilation options




-Mallocatable={95 | 03 }

Select semantics for assignments to allocatables. Fortran 2003 (03) allows dynamic reallocation, which will error in Fortran 90/95 (95). Default = 03.

armflang -Mallocatable={95 | 03}


Preprocess Fortran files.

armflang -cpp



Treat backslash as C-style escape character (-fbackslash) or as a normal character (-fno-backslash).

armflang -fbackslash


armflang -fno-backslash


-fconvert={native | swap | big-endian little-endian}

Convert between big and little endian data format. Default = native.

armflang -fconvert={ native | swap | big -endian little-endian}


Force fixed-form format Fortran. This is default for .f and .F files, and is the inverse of -ffree-form.

armflang -ffixed-form

-ffixed-line-length ={0 | 72 | 132 | none}

Set line length in fixed-form format Fortran. Default = 72. 0 and none are equivalent and set the line length to a very large value (> 132).

armflang -ffixed-line -length={72 | 132}


Force free-form format for Fortran. This is default for .f90 and .F90 files, and is the inverse of -ffixed-form.

armflang -ffree-form


Enable generation of FMA instructions.

armflang -fma


Don't link in Fortran main.

armflang  -fno -fortran-main


Allocate all local arrays on the stack, allowing thread-safe recursion.

In the absence of this flag, some large local arrays may be allocated in static memory. This reduces stack , but is not thread-safe. This flag is enabled by default when -fopenmp is given.

armflang -frecursive



armflang -i8


Do not link against Flang libraries.

armflang -no-flang-libs


Don't preprocess Fortran files.

armflang -nocpp


Disable generation of FMA instructions.

armflang -nofma


Treat REAL as REAL*8.

armflang -r8


Link using static Flang libraries.

armflang -static-flang-libs

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