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Directives are used to provide additional information to the compiler, and to control the compilation of specific code blocks, for example, loops.

To specify a compiler directive in your source file, use:

  • For free-form Fortran, use !dir$ to indicate a directive, or !$omp to indicate an OpenMP directive.

  • For fixed-form Fortran, either !dir$ or cdir$ can be used to indicate a directive, and either !$omp or c$omp can be used to indicate an OpenMP directive.


    Directives using cdir$ or c$omp must start from the first column.


To enable OpenMP directives, you must also include the -fopenmp compiler option in the compile command line.

For more information about which OpenMP directives are supported, see Standards support. For more information on the -fopenmp compiler options, see Action options.

Directives supported by Arm® Fortran Compiler:

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