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ERXMISC1_EL1, Selected Error Record Miscellaneous Register 1, EL1

Register ERXMISC1_EL1 accesses the ERR<n>MISC1 miscellaneous register 1 for the error record selected by ERRSELR_EL1.SEL.

If ERRSELR_EL1.SEL==0, then ERXMISC1_EL1 accesses the ERR0MISC1 register of the core error record. See ERR0MISC1, Error Record Miscellaneous Register 1.

If ERRSELR_EL1.SEL==1, then ERXMISC1_EL1 accesses the ERR1MISC1 register of the DSU-AE error record. See the Arm® DynamIQ Shared Unit-AE Technical Reference Manual.