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ERR0FR, Error Record Feature Register

The ERR0FR defines which of the common architecturally defined features are implemented and, of the implemented features, which are software programmable.

Bit field descriptions

ERR0FR is a 64-bit register, and is part of the Reliability, Availability, Serviceability (RAS) registers functional group.

The register is Read Only.

Figure B3-3 ERR0FR bit assignments

CEO, [19:18]

Corrected Error Overwrite. The value is:


Counts CE if a counter is implemented and keeps the previous error status. If the counter overflows, ERR0STATUS.OF is set to 1.

DUI, [17:16]

Error recovery interrupt for deferred errors. The value is:


The core does not support this feature.

RP, [15]

Repeat counter. The value is:


A first repeat counter and a second other counter are implemented. The repeat counter is the same size as the primary error counter.

CEC, [14:12]
Corrected Error Counter. The value is:
010The node implements an 8-bit standard CE counter in ERR0MISC0[39:32].
CFI, [11:10]
Fault handling interrupt for corrected errors. The value is:
10The node implements a control for enabling fault handling interrupts on corrected errors.
UE, [9:8]
In-band uncorrected error reporting. The value is:
01The node implements in-band uncorrected error reporting, that is external aborts.
FI, [7:6]
Fault handling interrupt. The value is:
10The node implements a fault handling interrupt and implements controls for enabling and disabling.
UI, [5:4]
Error recovery interrupt for uncorrected errors. The value is:
10The node implements an error recovery interrupt and implements controls for enabling and disabling.
ED, [1:0]
Error detection and correction.
In Lock mode, the value is:
01Error detection and correction is always enabled for the node.
In Split mode, the value is:
10The node implements controls for enabling or disabling error detection and correction.
In Lock mode, ERR0FR resets to 0x000000000000A9A1
In Split mode, ERR0FR resets to 0x000000000000A9A2
ERR0FR is accessible from the following registers when ERRSELR.SEL==0:

ERXFR_EL1, Selected Error Record Feature Register, EL1.

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