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ICH_VTR_EL2, Interrupt Controller VGIC Type Register, EL2

ICH_VTR_EL2 reports supported GIC virtualization features.

Bit field descriptions

ICH_VTR_EL2 is a 32-bit register and is part of:

  • The GIC system registers functional group.
  • The Virtualization registers functional group.
  • The GIC host interface control registers functional group.

Figure B4-13 ICH_VTR_EL2 bit assignments

PRIbits, [31:29]

Priority bits. The number of virtual priority bits implemented, minus one.


Priority implemented is 5-bit.

PREbits, [28:26]

The number of virtual preemption bits implemented, minus one. The value is:


Virtual preemption implemented is 5-bit.

IDbits, [25:23]

The number of virtual interrupt identifier bits supported. The value is:


Virtual interrupt identifier bits that are implemented is 16-bit.

SEIS, [22]

SEI Support. The value is:


The virtual CPU interface logic does not support generation of SEIs.

A3V, [21]

Affinity 3 Valid. The value is:


The virtual CPU interface logic supports non-zero values of Affinity 3 in SGI generation System registers.

nV4, [20]

Direct injection of virtual interrupts not supported. The value is:


The CPU interface logic supports direct injection of virtual interrupts.

TDS, [19]

Separate trapping of Non-secure EL1 writes to ICV_DIR_EL1 supported. The value is:


Implementation supports ICH_HCR_EL2.TDIR.

RES0, [18:5]
ListRegs, [4:0]

The number of implemented List registers, minus one.

The core implements 4 list registers. Accesses to ICH_LR_EL2[x] (x>3) in AArch64 are UNDEFINED.

Bit fields and details that are not provided in this description are architecturally defined. See the Arm® Generic Interrupt Controller Architecture Specification.

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