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Command-line options

Command-line options

This page lists the command-line options currently supported by armclang and armclang++, which are based on Clang front-end, and the LLVM-based optimization and code generation back-end.


For simplicity, we have shown usage with armclang. The option can also be used with armclang++, unless otherwise stated.


Options that control what action to perform on the input.

File options

Options that specify input or output files.

Basic driver options

Options that affect basic functionality of the armclang driver.

Optimization options

Options that control optimization behavior and performance.

Workload compilation options

Options that affect the way C language workloads compile.

Development options

Options that support code development.

Warning options

Options that control the behavior of warnings.

Preprocessor options

Options that control preprocessor behavior.

Linker options

Options that control linking behavior and performance.

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