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Debug system requirements

When debugging bare-metal and Linux targets, you need additional software and hardware.

Bare-metal requirements

You require a debug unit to connect bare-metal targets to Arm Development Studio.

Development Studio supports the following debug units:

  • ULINK pro
  • ULINK pro D
  • ULINK 2

Linux application and Linux kernel requirements

Linux application debug requires gdbserver version 7.0 or later on your target.

In addition to gdbserver, certain architecture and debug features have minimum Linux kernel version requirements. This is shown in the following table:

Linux kernel version requirements
Architecture or debug feature Minimum Arm Linux kernel version
Debug with Arm Debugger 2.6.28
Application debug on Symmetric MultiProcessing (SMP) systems 2.6.36
Access VFP and Arm NEON registers 2.6.30
Streamline 3.4

Managing firmware updates

  • For DSTREAM, use the debug hardware firmware installer view to check the firmware and update it if necessary. Updated firmware is available in <install_directory>/sw/debughw/firmware.
  • To use ULINK 2 debug probe with Arm Debugger, you must upgrade with CMSIS-DAP compatible firmware. On Windows, the UL2_Upgrade.exe program can upgrade your ULINK 2 unit. The program and instructions are available in <install_directory>/sw/debughw/ULINK2.
  • For ULINK pro and ULINK pro D, Development Studio manages the firmware installation.
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