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Installing on Linux

To install Arm Development Studio on Linux, use the following procedure after downloading the installation package.


You can install multiple versions of Development Studio on Linux platforms. To do this, you must use different root installation directories.


  1. Run Follow the on-screen instructions.

  2. Run the script. The folder location of this script is <install_location>/sw/dependency_check/ This script prints a list of any missing dependencies that need to be installed.


    Tools installed by the 64-bit installer have dependencies on 32-bit system libraries. Development Studio tools might fail to run, or might report errors about missing libraries if 32-bit compatibility libraries are not installed. You can find a full list of libraries in Additional Linux libraries.

Next steps

Device drivers and desktop shortcuts are optional features. The device drivers allow USB connections to debug hardware units, for example DSTREAM. The desktop menu is created using the menu system on supported Linux platforms.

To install optional features post-install by using root privileges, run:


This script is found in the install directory.


Use suite_exec to configure the environment variables correctly for Development Studio. For example, run <install_directory>/bin/suite_exec <shell> to open a shell with the PATH and other environment variables correctly configured. Run suite_exec with no arguments for more help.

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