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Using Product Setup to add a license

When you first open Arm Development Studio, the Product Setup dialog box opens and prompts you to add a license.

Before you begin

Before you begin, you must:

  • Ensure Arm Development Studio is installed on your workstation.
  • If you have purchased Arm Development Studio, you need the license server address and port number, or the license file.


  1. Select Add product license and click Next.
  2. Add your license:
    • For a license server, select License server and enter the license server address and port number, in the form <port number> @ <server address>. Click Next.
    • For a license file, select License file and then Browse... to select the file from your workstation. Click Next.
    • For an evalutation license:
      1. Select Obtain evaluation license and click Next.
      2. Log into your Arm account and click Next.
      3. Choose a network interface and click Finish. An evaluation license is generated.
  3. Select a product to activate, and click Finish.
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