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Arm® Compiler

Arm® Compiler tools enable you to build applications and libraries suitable for bare-metal embedded systems.

Arm Development Studio provides two versions of Arm Compiler for compiling embedded and bare-metal embedded applications:

  • Arm Compiler 5 - Supports all Arm architectures from Armv4 to Armv7 inclusive.


    All architectures before Armv4 are obsolete and are no longer supported by Arm Compiler 5.
  • Arm Compiler 6 - Supports Armv6-M, Armv7, and Armv8 architectures. Arm Compiler 6 also supports the SVE architectural extensions. This toolchain is recommended for software development targeting Armv8-A with the SVE architectural extensions for High Performance Computing (HPC).

You can run the compilers within the Arm Development Studio IDE, or from the command line.


The features available to you in Arm Compiler depend on your individual license type.

For example, a license might:

  • Limit the use of Arm Compiler to specific processors.
  • Place a maximum limit on the size of images that can be produced.

You can enable additional features of Arm Compiler by purchasing a license for the full Arm Development Studio suite. Contact your tools supplier for details.

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