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Fixed Virtual Platform models

Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVPs) are complete simulations of an Arm system, including processor, memory and peripherals. FVP targets give you a comprehensive model on which to build and test your software, from the view of a programmer.

When using an FVP, absolute timing accuracy is sacrificed to achieve fast simulated execution speed. This means that you can use a model for confirming software functionality, but you must not rely on the accuracy of cycle counts, low-level component interactions, or other hardware-specific behavior.

Arm® Development Studio provides several FVPs, covering a range of processors in the Cortex® family. You can also connect to a variety of other Arm and third-party simulation models that implement CADI.

Arm Development Studio includes an Armv8-A FVP executable that supports the SVE architecture extension. The executables are located in <install_directory>\bin\.... You can use them to run your applications from either the command line or within the Arm Development Studio IDE.

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