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Open Arm® Development Studio for the first time

The first time you open Arm® Development Studio, you are prompted to add your license details. When you have completed the tasks in this section, you are ready to use Arm Debugger.

Arm Development Studio is available for both Linux and Windows platforms.


  • Download and install Arm Development Studio, for either:

  • If you have purchased Arm Development Studio, you need either your license file, or the address and port number of the license server you would like to connect to.


  1. Open Arm Development Studio:
    • On Windows, select Windows menu > Arm Development Studio <version>
    • On Linux:

      • GUI: Use your Linux variant's menu system to locate Arm Development Studio.
      • Command line: Run <installation_directory>/bin/armds_ide
  2. The first time you open Arm Development Studio, the Product Setup dialog opens, which prompts you to add your product license. You can either:
    • Add product license - select this option if you have purchased Arm Development Studio.
    • Obtain evaluation license - select this option if you would like to evaluate the product.
  3. Click Next.
  4. If you selected Add product license:
    1. Enter the location of your license file, or the address and port number of your license server, and click Next.
    2. The Arm Development Studio editions that you are entitled to use are listed. Select the edition that you require, and click Next.
    3. Check the details on the summary page. If they are correct, click Finish.
  5. If you selected Obtain evaluation license:
    1. Log into your Developer account using your Arm Developer account email address and password. If you do not have an account, click Create an account.
    2. Select a network interface to which your license will be locked.
    3. Click Finish.

Arm Development Studio opens. See Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Overview, which describes the main features of the user interface.


The workspace is automatically set by default, to either:

  • Windows: <userhome>\Development Studio Workspace
  • Linux: <userhome>/developmentstudio-workspace

You can change the default location by selecting File > Switch Workspace.

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