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Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Overview

The IDE contains a collection of views that are associated with a specific perspective.

Arm® Development Studio uses the Development Studio perspective as default.

Figure 4-1 IDE in the Development Studio perspective.

IDE in the Development Studio perspective.

  1. Project Explorer - Use this view to create, build, and manage your projects.
  2. Debug Control - Use this view to create and control debug connections.
  3. Editor window - Use this view to view and modify the content of your source code files. The tabs in the editor area show files that are currently open for editing.
  4. Debug views - Views specific to Arm Debugger. Multiple views can be stacked in an area, creating tabs.
  5. Area containing additional debug views. All areas are fully customizable to contain any desired view.
  6. Menus and Toolbars - The main menu and toolbar are located at the top of the IDE window. Other toolbars associated with specific features are located at the top of each perspective or view.

On exit, your settings save automatically. When you next open Arm Development Studio, the window returns to the same perspective and views.

For further information on a view, click inside it and press F1 to open the Help view.

Customize the IDE

You can customize the IDE by changing the layout, key bindings, file associations, and color schemes. These settings can be found in Window > Preferences. Changes are saved in your workspace. If you select a different workspace, then these settings might be different.

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