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Configure your debug session

In Arm® Development Studio, you configure a debugging session by creating a debug connection to your target using the New Debug Connection wizard.

Depending on your requirements, you can configure a connection to hardware, a Linux application, or a model:

The following example takes you through configuring a Model Connection to a Cortex®-A9 Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP), using the project you created in the previous section of this tutorial.


  1. From the main menu, select File > New > Model Connection.
  2. In the Model Connection dialog box, specify the details of the connection:
    1. Enter a name for the debug connection, for example HelloWorld_FVP.
    2. Select Associate debug connection with an existing project, and select the project that you created and built in the previous section Build your project.
    3. Click Next.
  3. In the Target Selection dialog box, specify the details of the target:
    1. Select Arm FVP (Installed with Arm DS) > VE_Cortex_A9x1.

      Figure 5-3 Select VE_Cortex_A9x1 model

      Select VE_Cortex_A9x1 model

    2. Click Finish.
  4. In the Edit Configuration dialog, ensure the right target is selected, the appropriate application files are specified, and the debugger knows where to start debugging from:
    1. Under the Connection tab, ensure that Arm FVP (Installed with Arm DS) > VE_Cortex_A9x1 > Bare Metal Debug > Debug Cortex-A9 is selected.

      Figure 5-4 Edit configuration Connection tab

      Edit configuration Connection tab

    2. In the Files tab, select Target Configuration > Application on host to download > Workspace.

      Figure 5-5 Edit configuration Files tab

      Edit configuration Files tab

    3. Click and expand the HelloWorld project and from the Debug folder, select HelloWorld.axf and click OK.

      Figure 5-6 Select helloworld.axf file

      Select helloworld.axf file

    4. In the Debugger tab, select Debug from symbol.

      Figure 5-7 Debug from symbol main

      Debug from symbol main

  5. Click Debug to load the application on the target, and load the debug information into the debugger.

Arm Development Studio connects to the model and displays the connection status in the Debug Control view.

Figure 5-8 Debug Control View

Debug Control View

The application loads on the target, and stops at the main() function, ready to run.

Figure 5-9 main () in code editor

main () in code editor

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