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Using the command line

To install Arm® Development Studio on Windows using the command line, use the following procedure.

Before you begin

  • Download the Arm Development Studio installation package.
  • You must have admin privileges on your machine to install from the command line.


  1. Open the command prompt, with administrative privileges.

  2. Run the Microsoft installer, msiexec.exe.


    • You must provide the location of the .msi file as an argument to msiexec.
    • To display a full list of msiexec options, run msiexec /? from the command line.

Example using msiexec

An example of how to install Arm Development Studio using msiexec is:

msiexec.exe /i <installer_locationdatainstall.msi> EULA=1 /qn /l*v install.log

Command Definition
/i Performs the installation.
<installer_locationdatainstall.msi> Specifies the full path name of the .msi file to install.
/EULA=1 This is an Arm-specific option. Set EULA to 1 to accept the End User License Agreement (EULA). You must read the EULA before accepting it on the command line. This can be found in the GUI installer, the installation files, or on the Arm Development Studio downloads page.

Specifies quiet mode; installation does not require user interaction.


Device driver installation requires user interaction. If you do not require USB drivers, or if you want the installation to avoid user interaction for USB drivers, use the SKIP_DRIVERS=1 option on the command line.

/l*v<install.log> Specifies the log file to display all outputs from the installation.
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