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Debug Configurations - Environment tab

Use the Environment tab in the Debug Configurations dialog box to create and configure the target environment variables that are passed to the application when the debug session starts.

Environment tab (Shown with environment variables configured for an |fvp|)

The Environment tab contains the following elements:


The settings in this tab are not used for connections that use the Connect to already running gdbserver debug operation.

Target environment variables to set
This panel displays the target environment variables in use by the debugger.

Opens the New Environment Variable dialog box where you can create a new target environment variable.

For example, the Gnometris application is provided as a packaged example in Arm Development Studio. To debug the Gnometris application on a model, you must create a target environment variable for the DISPLAY setting.

New Environment Variable dialog box
Opens the Edit Environment Variable dialog box where you can edit the properties for the selected target environment variable.
Removes the selected target environment variables from the list.
Save the current configuration. This does not connect to the target.
Undo any changes and revert to the last saved configuration.
Connect to the target and close the Debug Configurations dialog box.
Close the Debug Configurations dialog box.