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Modules view

Use the Modules view to display a tabular view of the shared libraries and dynamically loaded Operating System (OS) modules used by the application. It is only populated when connected to a Linux target.

Modules view showing shared libraries


A connection must be established and OS support enabled within the debugger before a loadable module can be detected. OS support is automatically enabled when a Linux kernel image is loaded into the debugger. However, you can manually control this by using the set os command.

Right-click on the column headers to select the columns that you want displayed:

Displays the name and location of the component on the target.
Displays whether the symbols are currently loaded for each object.
Displays the load address of the object.
Displays the size of the object.
Displays the component type. For example, shared library or OS module.
Host File
Displays the name and location of the component on the host workstation.
Show All Columns
Displays all columns.
Reset Columns
Resets the columns displayed and their widths to the default.

The Name, Symbols, Address, Type, and Host File columns are displayed by default.

Toolbar and context menu options

The following options are available from the toolbar or context menu:

Linked: context
Links this view to the selected connection in the Debug Control view. This is the default. Alternatively you can link the view to a different connection. If the connection you want is not shown in the drop-down list you might have to select it first in the Debug Control view.
Copies the selected data.
Select All
Selects all the displayed data.
Load Symbols
Loads debug information into the debugger from the source file displayed in the Host File column. This option is disabled if the host file is unknown before the file is loaded.
Add Symbol File...
Opens a dialog box where you can select a file from the host workstation containing the debug information required by the debugger.
Discard Symbols
Discards debug information relating to the selected file.
Show in Memory
Displays the Memory view starting at the load address of the selected object.
Show in Disassembly
Displays the Disassembly view starting at the load address of the selected object.
View Menu

The following View Menu options are available:

Update View When Hidden
Enables the updating of the view when it is hidden behind other views. By default this view does not update when hidden.
Refreshes the view.