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Timed Auto-Refresh Properties dialog box

Use the Timed Auto-RefreshProperties dialog box to modify the update interval settings.

Update Interval
Specifies the auto refresh interval in seconds.
Update When

Specifies when to refresh the view:

Refreshes the view only while the target is running.
Refreshes the view only while the target is stopped.
Always refreshes the view.


When you select Running or Always, the Memory and Screen views are only updated if the target supports access to that memory when running. For example, some CoreSight targets support access to physical memory at any time through the Debug Access Port (DAP) to the Advanced High-performance Bus Access Port (AHB-AP) bridge. In those cases, add the AHB: prefix to the address selected in the Memory or Screen views. This type of access bypasses any cache on the CPU core, so the memory content returned might be different to the value that the core reads.

Timed Auto-Refresh properties dialog box