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Create a new C or C++ project

Use the options in the dialog to create a new C or C++ project.


  1. Select File → New → Project... from the main menu.

  2. Expand the C/C++ group, select either C Project or C++ Project, and click Next.


    C project

    This does not select a source language by default and leaves this decision up to the compiler. Both GCC and Arm® Compiler default to C for .c files and C++ for .cpp files.

    C++ project

    Selects C++ as the source language by default, regardless of file extension.

    In both cases, the source language for the entire project, a source directory or individual source file can be configured in the build configuration settings.

  3. Enter a Project name.

  4. Leave the Use default location option selected so that the project is created in the default folder shown. Alternatively, deselect this option and browse to your preferred project folder.

  5. Select the type of project that you want to create.

    Creating a new C project
  6. Select a Toolchain.

  7. Click Finish to create your new project.


You can view the project in the Project Explorer view.