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Memory Exporter dialog box

Use the Memory Exporter dialog box to generate a file containing the data from a specific region of memory.

Memory Bounds

Specifies the memory region to export:

Start Address

Specifies the start address for the memory.

End Address

Specifies the inclusive end address for the memory.

Length in Bytes

Specifies the number of bytes.

Output Format

Specifies the output format:

  • Binary. This is the default.
  • Intel Hex-32.
  • Motorola 32-bit (S-records).
  • Byte oriented hexadecimal (Verilog Memory Model).
Export Filename

Enter the location of the output file in the field provided or click on:

  • File System… to locate the output file in an external folder
  • Workspace… to locate the output file in a workspace project.

Figure 15-54 Memory Exporter dialog box

Memory Exporter dialog box