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Assigning conditions to an existing watchpoint

Using the options available on the Breakpoint Properties dialog, you can specify different conditions for a specific watchpoint.

To specify the condition which must evaluate to true at the time the watchpoint is triggered for the target to stop, use the Stop Condition field.


You can create several conditional watchpoints, but when a conditional watchpoint is enabled, no other watchpoints (regardless of whether they are conditional) can be enabled.


  1. In the Breakpoints view, select the watchpoint that you want to modify and right-click to display the context menu.
  2. Select Properties… to display the Watchpoint Properties dialog.
  3. If not selected, select Enabled.
  4. Specify the width to watch at the given address, in bits. Accepted values are: 8, 16, 32, and 64 if supported by the target.

    This parameter is optional. The width defaults to:

    • 32 bits for an address.
    • The width corresponding to the type of the symbol or expression, if entered.
  5. Expand Stop Condition and in the Expression field, enter a C-style expression. For example, if your application code has a variable x, then you can specify: x == 10.

    Figure 7-8 Watchpoint Properties dialog

    Watchpoint Properties dialog

  6. Click OK, to apply the condition to the watchpoint.