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Working with breakpoints

The debugger allows you to set software or hardware breakpoints depending on the type of memory available on your target.

To set a breakpoint, double-click in the left-hand marker bar of the C/C++ editor or the Disassembly view at the position where you want to set the breakpoint. See Disassembly view for more information.

To temporarily disable a breakpoint, in the Breakpoints view, select the breakpoint you want to disable, and either clear the check-box or right-click and select Disable breakpoints. To enable the breakpoint, either select the check-box or right-click and select Enable breakpoints. See Breakpoints view for more information.

To delete a breakpoint, double-click on the breakpoint marker or right-click on the breakpoint and select Toggle Breakpoint.The following figure shows how breakpoints are displayed in the C/C++ editor, the Disassembly view, and the Breakpoints view.

Additionally, you can view all breakpoints in your application in the Breakpoints view.

Figure 7-2 Viewing breakpoints

Viewing breakpoints