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Platform Configuration Editor (PCE)

Use the Platform Configuration Editor (PCE) view to create or modify configurations and connections for hardware target platforms.

Figure 14-1 The Platform Configuration Editor (PCE).

The Platform Configuration Editor (PCE).

PCE enables you to easily specify the debug topology by defining the connections between the various processors, CoreSight™ components, and debug IP on the platform. This enables Arm® Debugger to create the DTSL script for the debug connection to the platform.

You can also use the PCE to:

  • Review the devices on your development platform.
  • Modify device information or add new devices that Arm Debugger was unable to autodetect.
  • Configure your debug hardware unit and target-related features that are appropriate to correctly debug on your development platform.
  • Review or modify the debug activities for the various processors on the platform.
  • Build and save the platform configuration to an RDDI configuration file which Arm Debugger uses to connect to the target processors on your development platform.


To autodetect the devices on the platform, Arm Debugger connects to the platform. It does not maintain the connection to the target after reading the device information.
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