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Create a new Makefile project with existing code

You can create a new Makefile project in Arm® Development Studio with your existing source code.

The following procedure describes how to create a new Makefile project in the same directory as your source code.


  1. Create a Makefile project:
    1. Select File > New > Project... from the main menu.
    2. Expand the C/C++ group, select Makefile Project with Existing Code, and click Next.
    3. Enter a project name and enter the location of your existing source code.
    4. Select the toolchain that you want to use for Indexer Settings. Indexer Settings provide source code navigation in the Arm Development Studio IDE.

      Figure 2-2 Creating a new Makefile project with existing code

      Creating a new Makefile project with existing code

    5. Click Finish to create your new project. The project and source files are visible in the Project Explorer view.
  2. Create a Makefile:
    1. Before you can build the project, you need to have a Makefile that contains the compilation tool settings. The easiest way to create one is to copy the Makefile from an example project, and paste it into your new project.
    2. Edit the Makefile for your new project.
    3. Right-click the project and then select Properties > C/C++ Build to access the build settings. In the Builder Settings tab, check that the Build directory points to the location of the Makefile.
  3. Add any other source files you need to the project.
  4. Build the project. In the Project Explorer view, right-click the project and select Build Project.