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Sharing Arm® Development Studio projects

You can share Arm® Development Studio projects between users if necessary.


  • There are many different ways to share projects and files, for example, using a source control tool. This topic covers the general principles of sharing projects and files using Arm Development Studio, and not the specifics of any particular tool.
  • To share files, it is recommended to do so at the level of the project and not the workspace. Your source files within Arm Development Studio are organized into projects, and projects exist within your workspace. A workspace contains many files, including files in the .metadata directory, that are specific to an individual user or installation.

Within each project, the files that must be shared beyond just your source code are:

  • .project - Contains general information about the project type, and the Arm Development Studio plug-ins to use to edit and build the project.
  • .cproject - Contains C/C++ specific information, including compiler settings.

Arm Development Studio places built files into the project directory, including auto-generated makefiles, object files, and image files. Not all files have to be shared. For example, sharing an auto-generated makefile might be useful to allow building the project outside of Arm Development Studio, but if projects are only built within Arm Development Studio then this is not necessary.

You must be careful when creating and configuring projects to avoid hard-coded references to tools and files outside of Arm Development Studio that might differ between users.

To ensure that files outside of Arm Development Studio can be referenced in a user agnostic way, use the ${workspace_loc} built-in variable or custom environment variables.