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GA includes a perspectives feature which allows related windows to be grouped together for ease of use. Out of the box, GA comes with three perspectives:
  • OpenGL ES + EGL (default)

  • Vulkan

  • OpenCL

These perspectives have only the views that are operational for the named API open by default.

You open new perspectives by selecting the button. You can switch between perspectives at any time using the perspective switcher located in the top right.

By default, GA will prompt you to switch perspectives when it detects that the traced process uses a different API to the currently selected perspective. This behavior can be changed in Edit > Preferences > GA to either never prompt you, or to always automatically switch perspectives when a different API is detected.

You open create new perspectives by Right clicking on an existing perspective and selecting Save As.... Custom perspectives can be removed in Edit > Preferences > Perspectives.

You can customize perspectives by moving, resizing, opening (Windows > Show View), and closing views. Customisations will be saved when GA is closed.

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