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Connecting the installed daemon to Graphics Analyzer

Having followed the installation instructions above, a connection to your Android application will be available on your host machine, at IP address and port 5002. You need to use Device Manager to connect to this IP address and port (do not use the "Android" section of Device Manager). The instructions for IP connections in Device Manager are in Connect to an IP.

Once a connection has been established, you can start the Android application that you want to trace. If you have correctly packaged the interceptor or Vulkan layer with your application, or if your device is rooted and the interceptor or Vulkan layer have been installed on your device, the application will show up in the GA Daemon Application's list of all traceable applications.


If an application is started before the daemon is started, only the function calls made from the time when the daemon was started will be traced.

If an OpenCL or Vulkan application is started before tracing begins, the state and assets of any traced applications will be incomplete when viewed in GA. OpenGL ES applications started before tracing begins can have their state recovered. For more information, see Tracing an Application That Is Already Running.

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