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Installing Graphics Analyzer on webOS

webOS devices are based upon Linux and are capable of using Graphics Analyzer executables intended for that operating system. Ensure that you use binaries compiled for the architecture of the device in question (see Target Deliverables).

The installation steps are as follows:

  1. Make a directory on the device named /opt/graphics_analyzer.
  2. Copy the following files into this new directory:
    • (the Graphics Analyzer interceptor)
    • aga-daemon (the Graphics Analyzer daemon process)
  3. Create a new script named /opt/graphics_analyzer/aga-wrapper. This will apply the Graphics Analyzer interceptor to arbitrary applications. Populate the script as follows:
    `dirname $0`/ga/\
    exec $0.bin "$@"
  4. Create a new script named /etc/init/graphics_analyzer.conf. This will ensure that the Graphics Analyzer daemon is launched at device boot. Populate the script as follows:
    description "Launch the Graphics Analyzer daemon from Arm Ltd."
    start on started sam
    exec /opt/graphics_analyzer/aga-daemon > /var/log/aga-daemon.log 2>&1
    end script
    Note: This script will direct the GA daemon's messages to /var/log/aga-daemon.log.
  5. Edit the file /etc/luna-service2/ls-hubd.conf as follows:

    • Locate the [Security] section.
    • Change the Enabled key from true to false and save.

    This will allow you to change executables on the device without a security fault being issued.

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