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Tracing QML Applications

QML applications are interpreted by /usr/bin/qml-runner. These applications can be traced in the following way:

  1. Move into /usr/bin
  2. Make a subdirectory /usr/bin/ga, should such a directory not already exist
  3. Hard link /opt/graphics_analyzer/ into subdirectory /usr/bin/ga
  4. Rename the executable /usr/bin/qml-runner to /usr/bin/qml-runner.bin
  5. Hard link /opt/graphics_analyzer/aga-wrapper to /usr/bin/qml-runner
  6. Reboot the device or turn the device on
  7. Open the Graphics Analyzer GUI application on your workstation. Connect to the device using Graphics Analyzer's Device Manager.
  8. Start the QML application
  9. Observe function calls being traced in the Graphics Analyzer GUI application
Tip: To temporarily disable the tracing of QML applications, rename /usr/bin/ga/ For example, it could be given the name
Example QML-based application: the screensaver (, living under /usr/palm/applications/
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