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Tracing Web-Based Applications

This method involves loading the Graphics Analyzer Interceptor into the Web Application Manager (WAM), the process responsible for displaying web-based applications.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Open /etc/init/WebAppMgr.conf
  2. Just before the end of this file is a line which loads WAM. It starts exec $WEBOS_NICE $WAM_EXE_PATH… Immediately before this line, insert the following to include the Graphics Analyzer interceptor into the environment:
    export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/$LD_PRELOAD
  3. Reboot the device or turn the device on
  4. Open the Graphics Analyzer Host GUI application on your workstation
  5. Connect to the device using Graphics Analyzer's Device Manager. The device should advertise itself under "Linux Devices" and can be chosen with a single click.
  6. Start the web-based application
  7. Observe function calls being traced in the Graphics Analyzer Host GUI. You may see other applications being traced at the same time, since very many applications in webOS are web-based.
Here and elsewhere, (Google Chrome) must be placed in LD_PRELOAD before If this is not done, web-based applications will hang.
Example web-based application: The app store (, living under /mnt/otncabi/usr/palm/applications/
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