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Tracing a Linux Application on Chrome OS

The Linux interceptor and GA Daemon can be used to trace Linux applications running on Chrome OS devices.


You will need to set up SSH access to your Chrome OS device before you can trace native Linux applications with GA.

  1. SSH into the Chrome OS device as root with ssh root@(IP address)
  2. Create a directory to store the GA Daemon and interceptor library, e.g. mkdir /usr/bin/aga
  3. Run the following command to allow connections on port 5002:
    sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 5002 -j ACCEPT
  4. You will need to copy the GA Daemon and interceptor library onto your device. Depending on your device, you will need to use a version of the Linux GA components appropriate to your architecture (either hard float, soft float, or 64-bit). You may need root access to copy files onto the Chrome OS file system. For example:
    scp root@(IP address):/usr/bin/aga/
  5. From your root user SSH session, launch aga-daemon.
  6. Using the Device Manager, connect to the running daemon by following the instructions in Linux Devices or in Connect to an IP.
  7. Launch a new SSH session.
  8. Run your Linux application while preloading the interceptor library. Instructions on doing this can be found in Tracing an OpenGL ES, EGL, or OpenCL Application.

You should start to get trace data appearing in the desktop GA client.

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