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Tracing an Android Application on Chrome OS

The ARC (App Runtime for Chrome) allows you to run Android applications on your Chrome OS device. If your device supports the ARC, then you can trace your application in GA.

Tracing an Android application on Chrome OS is mostly the same as for other unrooted Android devices.

Note: There is no equivalent to the the rooted Android installation on Chrome OS. This means you will need to package the interceptor into your Android application before you can trace it. The instructions to do this can be found in Using the OpenGL ES, EGL, and OpenCL Interceptor in a Target Application and in Using the Vulkan Layer in a Target Application.
  1. Connect to your device over a network with ADB. The IP address of the target device can be found in the Chrome OS WiFi menu, and the default port to use is 22:
    adb connect (IP address):22
    For more information about connecting to a ChromeOS device over ADB, see the Optimizing Apps for Chromebooks guide.
  2. Follow the instructions in Tracing an Android Application to connect to the device and trace the application.
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