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DSTREAM-PT is a debug and trace hardware system that enables software debug and trace for the optimization of software running on Arm® processor-based targets.

DSTREAM-PT provides an interface between a host such as Arm Development Studio and an Arm processor-based target using a hardware interface such as JTAG or Serial Wire Debug (SWD). DSTREAM-PT also enables the collection of up to 32-bit wide CoreSight™-compliant parallel trace for powerful code optimization.

The DSTREAM-PT debug system is made up of a standard Arm DSTREAM-ST unit, along with an additional Arm Parallel Trace probe, enabling:

  • Debug on Arm processors from Armv4 to Armv8, and CoreSight trace.
  • USB 3.0 and remote Gigabit Ethernet host connections.
  • Code download speeds of up to 12MB per second.
  • JTAG clock of up to 180MHz.
  • Serial Wire Debug of up to 125MHz (standard single-ended signaling).
  • A wide range of target connectors.
  • Flexible DDR trace clock timing of up to 300MHz (600Mbits/s, per pin).
  • Up to 32-bit parallel trace support (up to 19.2Gbps maximum trace bandwidth).
  • 8GB of trace memory storage on the Parallel Trace probe.
  • Real-time dynamic monitoring, to automatically calibrate trace sampling between clock edges.
  • Support for up to 1022 CoreSight devices.
  • Remote target reset.
  • Device bring-up and test utilities.
  • Flexible architecture to support third party IP and debuggers.

For more feature information, see the DSTREAM-PT web page on the Arm Developer website.

For the purposes of this content:

  • The term DSTREAM-ST refers only to the DSTREAM-ST unit.
  • The term Parallel Trace refers only to the Parallel Trace probe.
  • The terms DSTREAM-PT or DSTREAM-PT system refer to both the DSTREAM-ST unit and Parallel Trace probe working in combination.

This chapter describes the DSTREAM-PT hardware.

It contains the following sections:

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