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Update the DSTREAM-PT system firmware

The DSTREAM-PT system firmware contains:

  • The operating system that runs on the DSTREAM-ST unit.
  • Templates that define how the debug hardware communicates with different target devices.
  • Configuration files to load into any add-on probe units, such as the Parallel Trace probe.

Firmware updates are supplied with Arm Development Studio.


  • Ensure you connect and power-up the DSTREAM-PT system so the firmware on both the DSTREAM-ST unit and Parallel Trace probe is updated simultaneously. For more information, see Connect and power up the DSTREAM-PT system.
  • You must ensure that the current DSTREAM-PT system firmware is at least the minimum version required by Arm® Development Studio.
  • You must ensure that Arm Development Studio is installed on the host PC.


    In Arm Development Studio, the latest firmware files are available at: <Arm_Development_Studio_install_directory>/sw/debughw/firmware/.


You must have firmware version 5.0.0, or later, installed for the Parallel Trace probe to be detected.

If earlier firmware is installed, the DSTREAM-ST unit does not function as part of a DSTREAM-PT system. Instead, the DSTREAM-ST unit functions only as a DSTREAM-ST unit and is limited to 4-bit streaming trace.


  1. Open the Debug Hardware Firmware Installer view: from the main menu in Arm Development Studio, select Window > Show View > Debug Hardware Firmware Installer.
  2. For the Debug Hardware field, click Browse… and Select your debug unit, then click Connect.

    Result: You can view the currently installed firmware version, the auto-selected new firmware file, and the new firmware details.

  3. Accept the auto-selected firmware update file, or browse and select a different firmware update file. Either:
    • To accept the auto-selected firmware update file, click Install.
    • To select a different firmware update file, in Select Firmware Update File, click Browse, select your firmware update file, and click Open. Click Install.

The firmware is now updated on both the DSTREAM-ST unit and Parallel Trace probe.

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