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Restore a DSTREAM-PT system

If there are any problems with the DSTREAM-PT system, you can restore it back to its factory settings using the recovery mode for the DSTREAM-ST unit.


  • Connect and power-up the DSTREAM-PT system. For more information on how to connect and power-up the DSTREAM-PT system, see Connect and power up the DSTREAM-PT system
  • Attempt a reset of your DSTREAM-PT system before running a full restore of the system.
  • Debug hardware drivers are provided with Arm® Development Studio. You must have Arm Development Studio installed on your PC to access the drivers. For more information on installing Arm Development Studio, see the Arm Development Studio Getting Started Guide.


  1. Press and hold the reset button on the DSTREAM-ST unit for approximately 10 seconds.
  2. When the STATUS LED flashes red, release the button.

    Both the DSTREAM-ST unit and the Parallel Trace probe erase their existing firmware within their internal flash, and replaces it with the original factory-installed version.


    When in recovery mode, debug and trace operations are not enabled.

After the recovery process is complete, the DSTREAM-ST unit automatically reboots with its factory settings.

If a restore fails, contact Arm support.

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