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Install the USB drivers for the DSTREAM-PT system on Windows

To use the DSTREAM-PT system with a USB connection, install the USB device drivers for your operating system. The USB drivers for the DSTREAM-PT system are provided with Arm® Development Studio.

The drivers for the DSTREAM-PT system are optionally installed as part of the installation process for Arm Development Studio. If you have skipped the driver install process in Arm Development Studio, follow these steps to install them.

Before you begin

Ensure you have:


  1. Using administrative privileges, run the driver_install.bat batch file that is available in <Arm_Development_Studio_install_directory>\sw\driver_files directory.

  2. In the Arm Development Studio Driver Installation Wizard, click Next and follow the steps.


    During installation, you might receive warnings such as Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software. You can safely ignore these warnings and continue with the installation.

  3. After the drivers are installed, click Finish.


The USB drivers are now installed on your PC.

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