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Target design checklist

To ensure your target design is compatible with the DSTREAM-ST unit or DSTREAM-PT system, your answer to each applicable question in this checklist must be 'Yes'.


Not all questions are applicable to every target design.

Target design checklist

Check item


Are any TDI, TMS, TDO, or SWDIO signals pulled HIGH?

Are any TCK, RTCK, or SWCLK signals pulled LOW?

Are any nTRST or nSRST signals pulled to their inactive state (usually HIGH)?

To pass data between the TCK domain and the internal clock domain, does the target device contain the necessary synchronization logic?

If used, does RTCK have its own driver (separate from TCK)?

If TCK is routed to multiple devices, have you used buffers to fan-out the signal (to prevent signal reflections)?

Can the debug unit drive nTRST and nSRST separately?

To allow debug from reset, can you reset the target device without initializing its debug logic?

If using Serial wire Debug, is the TMS/SWDIO signal bidirectional (no uni-directional buffers)?

To reduce the need to calibrate during setup, are any TRACEDATA and TRACECLK signals length-matched within a 10mm window?

Where possible, have you eliminated stubs and other parasitic effects from debug and trace signals?

To obtain 50Ω output impedance, have you routed any outputs from the target device through series termination resistors?

Have the appropriate VTREF signal (or signals) been connected to the debug or trace connector (or connectors)?

Either directly or through a resistor of 100Ω or less, are VTREF pins connected to the debug/trace logic rail (or rails)?

Are the debug/trace logic rails in the range of 1.2V to 3.3V?

Are all GND pins of the debug/trace connector (or connectors) either directly connected, or AC-coupled, to GND, close to the connector?

If using a Mictor socket, are the central GND pins solder-pasted on the same side of the board?

If using dual Mictor sockets, are the connectors positioned with the correct spacing, orientation, and alignment?

If using a standard 2.54mm or 1.27mm header, is the connector fully shrouded to avoid mis-connection (space permitting)?

If using a CoreSight 10/20 or MIPI 34 connector, have you considered the removal of pin-7?

To ensure the continuity of return paths, do any signal vias have return vias placed close to them?

Have you checked the board layout to ensure that no signals cross slots or voids in the adjacent plane (or planes)?

Where possible, has crosstalk between debug and trace signals been minimized?

Are all debug and trace signals impedance-matched to 50Ω?

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