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Capturing trace in CoreSight ETB while not clocking the CoreSight TPIU

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Published date: 13 Dec 2017

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Applies to: CoreSight Debug and Trace


I want to capture trace in my CoreSight ETB while not clocking the CoreSight TPIU but my trace stalls.


The CoreSight Components TRM, Section 6.2 gives the following requirement for the Replicator:

It is a requirement of the attached trace sinks to set their ATREADY signal when they are disabled. This enables the replicator to operate as a pass-through to the remaining enabled trace sink."

The procedure for disabling the TPIU is to stop it by use of bits [12] and [6] of the Formatter and Flush Control Register, per the final Note in section 8.6.10 of the CoreSight Components TRM.

This will result in the ATREADY being 'parked' so as to avoid backing up the ATB, as indicated in the second bullet point under section 8.13.1.

Once the TPIU is correctly stopped, TRACECLKIN may be stopped without backing up the ATB channel in the Replicator.

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