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Do Cortex-M processors support Coprocessors?

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Published date: 31 Jan 2018

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Applies to: Cortex-M


Do Cortex-M processors support Coprocessors?


The ARMv6-M architecture does not support coprocessors.

The ARMv7-M architecture does support coprocessors, however the Cortex-M3 core does not support coprocessors. If you attempt to execute a coprocessor instruction on a Cortex-M3, it will generate a NO CoProcessor (NOCP) fault. The Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M7 do not support generic coprocessors, but do optionally support the Floating Point extension, whose instruction space is mapped into the coprocessor instruction space of CP10-CP11.

The ARMv8-M architecture supports coprocessors in the Mainline extension. Cortex-M33 implements coprocessor support for external coprocessors CP0-CP7, as well as the optional Floating Point extension.

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