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Validity of tying off the 'HRESETn' input of an HTM

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Published date: 24 Jul 2017

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Applies to: HTM


Is it OK to tie off the 'HRESETn' input of an HTM?


The AHB Trace macrocell (HTM) is a CoreSight trace source component that observes activity on an AMBA Advanced High-Performance Bus (AHB) and produces an AMBA Trace Bus (ATB) stream of trace packets to indicate bus activity.

The HTM must be fully connected to all the relevant signals of the AHB that it is tracing, to correctly identify the bus activity.

The bus reset signal 'HRESETn' is not used to reset the HTM macro. (The HTM has a separate reset.) The 'HRESETn' of the bus that is being traced allows the HTM to understand when the bus has been reset so that it can produce a correct trace packet to indicate this condition rather than potentially producing an incorrect trace packet and/or entering an unexpected state.

'HRESETn' is a mandatory connection for the HTM. Do not tie it off.

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