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KB128787939 - DS-5 Crashes on startup

Article ID: 128787939

Published date: 24 Jul 2017

Last updated: -

Applies to: DS-5 Development Studio


Eclipse / DS-5 crashes on launch when using Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat 6, Red Hat 7)


As of the 20th June 2017, there have been some Linux updates rolled out to the various distributions that might prevent Eclipse / DS-5 from starting.

Symptom is that when DS-5 is started from the command line, it fails to start and reports :

Segmentation Fault (core dumped)


Until the issue is resolved, there is a workaround described here.


Work-around to this issue is as follows :

The 'eclipse.ini' file (in <DS-5 Install Dir>/sw/eclipse ) needs to be modified.

If you have write access to this directory then you can modify the file directly, otherwise take a copy.

Modify 'eclipse.ini' such that lines :



are changed to read :

No workaround.



and then save the updated eclipse.ini

If you have modified the supplied eclipse.ini file then DS-5 can be launched as normal.

If you have taken a copy of the 'eclipse.ini' then then this needs to passed to DS-5 on start-up

This can be done using the '–-launcher.ini' command line option. See the 'Example' section.


An example command line is shown below that shows a modified 'eclipse.ini' file being passed into DS-5 :

/usr/local/DS-5_v5.27.1/bin/eclipse --launcher.ini ~/eclipse.ini

No example.

where :

/usr/local/DS-5_v5.27.1 is the install directory of DS-5 v5.27.1

The modified 'eclipse.ini' file is located in the users home directory.

Related Information

This issue also affects standard Eclipse, see the bug report here

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