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Badly formatted TARMAC data trace in Teal r0p2_00rel0

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Published date: 04 Aug 2017

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Applies to: Cortex-M33


The Cortex-M33 Teal TARMAC log contains badly formatted data trace with a data field of more than 128 bits.


This knowledge article applies to chip designers who have licensed the Cortex-M33 / Teal RTL and are running RTL simulation. The article describes a formatting error that can occur in the TARMAC log of Cortex-M33 Teal version r0p2_00rel0.

The problem can occur on security state transitions, for example a

  POP {..., pc}

at the end of a Non-secure function, returning to a Secure caller.


The TARMAC (Trace ARM ACcesses) log contains a timestamped list of processor activity, including disassembly of instructions executed, register value changes, and data transfers on the processor's bus interfaces.

The data transfers are described in 128-bit (four word) chunks, based at a 128-bit-aligned address. Within the 128-bit chunk, byte values that are being read or written are presented in hexadecimal, while unused byte lanes are padded with dots.

The TARMAC trace formatter used in the r0p2_00rel0 release contains a bug that can cause the trailing padding at the end of the line to be duplicated when followed by another data trace line with different memory attributes. This gives the appearance of lines containing more than 128 bits.


The first four words of data trace on the line are the correct values, and any duplication of trailing "........" fields can be safely ignored.

The source of the bug is corrected, and the corrected version will be included in any subsequent release of Teal / Cortex-M33.


 42825 ns ES (0010002c:bdf0) T thrd_ns: POP {r4-r7,pc} <Region$$Table$$Limit+0xfeb40>    
 LD 201fffe0 feffffff 00100000 e000ed98 2000016c NS:00201fffe0 NM NSH    
 LD 201fffd0 201fffe1 ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ ........ NS:00201fffd0 NM NSH    
 LD 200fffb0 00100000 00000f23 ........ ........ S:00200fffb0 NM ISH    

No example.

 87595 ns ES (0010020c:bd03) T thrd_ns: POP {r0,r1,pc} <Region$$Table$$Limit+0xfed20>    
 LD 201fffe0 feffffff 000013c6 00100200 ........ ........ NS:00201fffe0 NM NSH    
 LD 200fffb0 00100000 00000f23 ........ ........ S:00200fffb0 NM ISH    

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