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Cortex-M33 tarmac not produced when TARMAC=YES

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Published date: 28 Feb 2018

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Applies to: Cortex-M33


The Cortex-M33 execution_tb example does not produce a tarmac log even though "TARMAC=YES" was specified.


This knowledge article applies to chip designers who have licensed the Cortex-M33 RTL from Arm.

The Cortex-M33 RTL includes an example Execution Testbench design, "execution_tb", in which you can run the test programs provided. The Execution Testbench example is described in the Cortex-M33 Integration and Implementation Manual, chapter 10.

You can run simulations using the 'make' command, for example:

    make run SIM=mti TESTNAME=hello_world TARMAC=yes

Your simulation runs successfully, and reports:

    $TARMAC     = [YES]

but no tarmac log file is produced under ./logs/.


The Makefile tests for lower case "yes" in the string "TARMAC=yes".

If you accidentally specify "TARMAC=YES" instead of "TARMAC=yes", the 'make' command interprets this as being not equal to "yes", and therefore equal to "no", so no tarmac log is produced.

Rerun the command with "TARMAC=yes" to produce the desired log files.





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