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Why does DS-5 not start up when run on a Linux host?

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Published date: 15 Aug 2018

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Applies to: DS-5 Development Studio


Why does DS-5 not start up correctly if run in the background on a 64-bit Linux host?


If DS-5 is started in the background, with a command such as:

<install_dir>/bin/eclipse &

The tool does not start up, hangs, or sometimes shows the following output:

[1] + Suspended (tty output) eclipse


This issue can occur if incompatible 32-bit libraries are found instead of the appropriate 64-bit libraries.

To resolve this issue, choose one of the following options:

  1. Unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH before running DS-5.
  2. Rearrange LD_LIBRARY_PATH so that locations containing 64-bit libraries appear before locations containing 32-bit libraries.
  3. Invoke DS-5 in the foreground.


No workaround.


No example.

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