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Why do I have a Software Developers Errata Notice (SDEN) that does not contain any new or updated errata?

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Why is there a new version of the Software Developers Errata Notice (SDEN) that contains no new or updated errata?




The SDEN is available to developers who are using a product that contains an Arm processor. The SDEN describes the errata that affect programming, and that you must consider when programming the device.

There is also a confidential document, that is called the Product Errata Notice (PEN). The PEN includes errata that are relevant to chip designers. However, these errata have no effect on software programming.

The SDEN and PEN are created at the same time, and the SDEN is a filtered version of the PEN.

The release of a new version of the SDEN which contains no new or updated errata might occur when a new or updated implementation erratum has been added to the PEN. In this instance, the SDEN is re-released so that the version numbers of the PEN and SDEN are the same.

The new SDEN might contain minor changes to spelling or punctuation, but these changes would not usually result in a new version being published. Minor changes such as these would normally be added to the next major change to the errata list.





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