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How can I collect trace from multiple TPIUs in DS-5?

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  • DS-5 Development Studio


How can I collect trace from multiple TPIUs in a single debug connection in DS-5?


Target has more than one Trace Port Interface Unit (TPIU) for routing trace off-chip.


Currently, DS-5 only manages a single TPIU per debug connection. This means that you cannot target multiple TPIUs simultaneously in your target. A fix will be implemented in upcoming Arm DS releases, but this fix is not included in the currently available DS-5 releases.


If you have multiple TPIUs that are used to collect trace on your target, Arm recommends creating separate debug configurations for each TPIU. Each configuration should contain just the components that feed trace into that trace port. First, use the Platform Configuration Editor (PCE) to autodetect the complete platform. Then manually remove the devices that are not needed for each debug configuration. Repeat this step as many times as the number of TPIUs that are on the target.


Example system:

One Armv8-A processor with Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM) trace

One Armv7-M processor with ETM trace

Each core is in its own separate CoreSight subsystem. Each subsystem is accessed through its own independent Debug Access Port (DAP), for example, daisy-chained at the top level, rather than in a shared CoreSight subsystem that is accessed through a single, shared DAP. The ETM trace for each processor is routed off-chip through its own TPIU.

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