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8.5. Further references

Many TPA vendors provide models for download from the internet. These models enable you to use SPICE-like tools to analyze the signal integrity at the point that it is sampled by the TPA or logic analyzer:


The Agilent web site enables you to download data on their TPA and LA products. You can use the search engine on the web site to look for pages and documents that refer to ETM. For example, the document Trace Port Analysis for ARM ETM (Agilent document number E5903-97002) contains equivalent models for Agilent TPA and Logic Analyzer products.


The Textronix web site has a number of documents relating to the use of their Logic Analyzers for acquiring trace. For example, the document P6434 Mass Termination Probe (Tektronix document number 070-9793-02) provides models for the equivalent load of the Logic Analyzer probe.

Other vendors

Details about TPA vendors are added to this document as they become known to ARM Limited. You can also contact your chosen vendor directly for the latest information.

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