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3.3.8. Masked interrupt status register, GPIOMIS

The GPIOMIS register is the masked interrupt status register. Bits read HIGH in GPIOMIS reflect the status of input lines triggering an interrupt. Bits read as LOW indicate that either no interrupt has been generated, or the interrupt is masked. GPIOMIS is the state of the interrupt after masking. This register is read-only, and all bits are cleared by a reset.

The contents of this register are made available externally through the intra-chip (or on-chip) GPIOMIS[7:0] signals.

Table 3.9 shows the bit assignment of the GPIOMIS register.

GPIOMIS register






Masked interrupt status


Masked value of interrupt due to corresponding pin. Bits clear, PrimeCell GPIO line interrupt not active. Bits set, PrimeCell GPIO line asserting interrupt.
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